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Deb & Jolene Wiita

Hello.  My (special needs) daughter Jolene and I want to tell you how our realtor Lyn Bockert made our dreams come true.


We first met Lyn at the end of 2012 when we requested to see a place she listed on Kerry Lane in Woodbury.  I never forgot her as I was so impressed with her professionalism and knowledge. 


Summer of 2014, I again wanted to get a hold of the agent who I met in 2012.  I had to do a lot of work to find her.  I did this by looking up who had listed the place on Kerry Lane then went thru Keller Williams to find out if she still worked there and to please have her contact me. It ended up not the right time to move.


Early this Jan, I found her site on Keller Williams, read her Bio, and then e-mailed her, letting her know that it was the right time to move.  When she responded she was on vacation, but had a colleague take over for her in the interim.  She also let me know who to contact for financing.

Now, what we want to express is how much Lyn helped us on our journey.  She is not like any other realtor I have ever met.   Before I signed the papers hiring her, she came over and spent a few hours getting to know both me and my daughter, listening, writing and CARING about what we wanted in a new home. 


I listened to everything she advised me to do in regards to staging my home.  My home went on the market on a Friday and officially sold the next Monday. 


Lyn, had the oversight to know what direction to point me in when looking at different homes that might be perfect for us.  As she knew that a very important part of my decision to move was to find a place that would fulfill my daughter's dreams.


Long story short, we found the perfect place to move.  We moved in on March 31st.


Jolene wants you to know from her, that Lyn did a wonderful job finding our perfect home; she is satisfied and now feels like she is at home.  She is so happy that she now has a nice yard for her dog Nelly.


From me, I thank God for Lyn.  She was our Guardian Angel and we always will be grateful.


Deb and Jolene Wiita

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