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When we needed a realtor to market our home we chose Lyn over all others for her results and experience.  She has been in our neighborhood for many years giving her experience in South Maplewood.
She has a long list of reliable resources for which she generously offered.  She referred many resources throughout the process from landscapers, to electricians, to plumbers, to painters, to staggers and even pest controllers.

John & Brenda Rudberg

2419 Oakridge Ln. E., Maplewood

We appreciated her wise advice.  From her experience, she was able to recommend a great marketing strategy.  Throughout the process, we had to make various decisions for which she provided valuable input.
We were very impressed with her hard-working team.  She and her team spent many hours marketing our property.  They were complete, thorough and very responsive.  They replied to all forms of communication very promptly.
Lyn and her team were a pleasure to work with.  Thank you for your help!

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