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Top Reasons to Live in South Maplewood



South Maplewood is centrally located to major freeways and conveniently accessible to shopping and local attractsions. Enjoying freedom from an arduous commute to have more time to do the things you love make it the #1 reason to love living in South Maplewood.


Neighborhood  Parks & Walking Trails

South Maplewood is a abundent with parks, walking trails, and 2 wildlife preserves. There is plenty of nature to explore right in your own backyard.


Natural Beauty, Mature Trees & Wildlife

South Maplewood is a mosaic of established neighborhoods in a quiet setting tucked-away from the husgle and bustle of urban live. Neighborhoods are doted with pongs, creeks, mature wooded yards, hills, ravines, and slopes, which offer privacy as well as an aesthetic landscape. You'll see deer grazing in your yard, many varieties of birds, and hear the chorus of frogs in the wetland.

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